The 10th International Children & Youth Art Exhibition

Submission of artwork for the exhibition Value Brooch from 15 January 2020 until 8 June 2020.  
Jury decision.  Announcement!  Rules of procedure.

Photo: Didzis Grodžs

Baiba Šmite
exhibition organiser, Head of the Culture Board, Deputy Director, Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council;;;

Pēteris Zilbers
exhibition designer, founder and owner of design studio Zilbers Design Ltd.

What is “Vērtību sakta”?

The brooch is an ancient adornment that is also mentioned in folk songs. The Exhibition Value Brooch will adorn the city. Its jewels are values that enrich, bring joy and play an important role. We conducted a survey to find out the values important to children and youth. When asked to write down the values they found important, the students of our school (8-16 years old) gave various answers that show the broad view of children and the youth. This exhibition gives the new generation a chance to show how the world looks through their eyes: things, qualities, relationships, events that they care about and that make their life complete. In one circle, they will radiate colourful light that will bring joy, encourage and acknowledge. We urge you to look for (the valuable, the important), to adorn (make it beautiful, attractive), to share (to show it to others).

The Exhibition Value Brooch will display the best – roughly 200 large-scale prints selected by an international judging panel in the city centre, on Esplanade, by the Art Museum, and virtually – at Participants shall submit digitalised images (photos or scans). These images may be supplemented by text that complements the composition as a graphic element. Description of the value represented in the artwork may be submitted as well.

Due to the fact that the exhibition will be held in the city environment which is multi-coloured and dynamic it is advised to make artworks featuring larger coloured areas, and clear compositions that are easy to read. Please submit your works by 8 June 2020 at The Rules of Procedure of the exhibition are available on the website.

Technical conditions: horizontal format, upload image: (JPG file format with maximum compression (resolution 200 dpi, minimum image size 6622 px x 4677 px, file size max. 15,0 MB)

A maximum of 10 pieces will be accepted per educational institution.


Jānis Ziņģītis

Artist, painter, head of the “National Art School”, Riga (Latvia). Chairman of the jury.

Laima Puntule

Artist, painter, animation artist. Copenhagen (Denmark).

Sibylle Keupen

Artist, performance and visual arts teacher, project manager, “Bleiberger Fabrik”, Aachen (Germany).

Alf Bugge Gjerstad


Artist, art educator, head of the departament at Bergen Culture School (Norway).

Daniel Vandersmissen

Artist, art educator, OVSG (Association of Municipal Educational Establishments) Brussels (Belgium).




Kas ir “Vērtību sakta”?

2020. gada jūlijā, Rīgā notiks XII Latvijas skolu jaunatnes dziesmu un deju svētki. Izstāde “Vērtību sakta” iekļauta Dziesmu svētku pasākumu programmā. Svētku koncepts šoreiz ir “ROTĀ”. Tā autore režisore, izglītības eksperte Inga Krišāne raksta: “Skolu jaunatnes dziesmu un deju svētki ir rotaļa Vispārējo latviešu dziesmu un deju svētku rituālam un rota piecu gadu gatavošanās ceļam uz šiem svētkiem… Vainags un sakta – apaļās rotas, tik apaļas kā saule, kā skaņa un burts “O”. Latvijas valsts ir sakta, kurā visu novadu zīles mirdz un kas satur pasaules sakšu, kurā plašumos izkaisītie latvieši ierakstīti.” Lasīt vairāk…



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