The 10th International Children & Youth Art Exhibition

On the way to the XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival

The exhibition “Value Brooch” is not only the current, now the 10th international exhibition of children’s and youth art, which takes place in Riga and is organised by the Riga City Council, but also an important stop on the way to the 12th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival. These events are united by both the slogan “Decorate!” and the values defined by the festival organizers: creativity, responsibility, cooperation.

This time, creativity clearly dominates both in the use of the digital format defined by the exhibition concept, and in the design of the unique stands created specially for the exhibition, and, of course, in the content and form of works of art sent from many parts of the world and Latvian regions. By providing drawings, paintings and graphics for evaluation, children and young people show that they are ready to take responsibility for the future. Young artists show that they are aware of the importance of their choices, because the values they choose will shape the future of the world. The “Value Brooch” could not have been created without close cooperation between art schools and educational institutions of Riga and Latvia with the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council overseeing and supporting the process.

As a result, we are witnessing an ambitious event. “Value Brooch” includes an art competition, an exhibition on the Esplanade, a digital exhibition on the website, as well as creative workshops.

More than 300 works were submitted to the exhibition, of which the jury selected 176 authors. It shows works from representatives of 9 countries (USA, Australia, Bulgaria, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sri Lanka). Such an event, which complementing the contribution of the Song Festival, marks the special place of children and youth on the world cultural map, once again confirms Riga’s potential to be young, beautiful and rich. 

BAIBA ŠMITE, Head of the Culture Board of the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council

Baiba Šmite

The layout of the exhibition is designed as a group of 3 symmetrically centred objects, each object is like a picture book that is placed vertically, that allows you to look at each side of the page without hindrance. The works of young artists reveal a colourful, poetic and fascinating worldview.

PĒTERIS ZILBERS, exhibition designer,

Pēteris Zilbers

Defining values, understanding, making choices is becoming increasingly important. The important values for children and young people will determine the future. An insight into this scene is provided by the 10th International Exhibition of Children’s and Youth Art “Value Brooch. “Family”, “Friendship”, “Home” occupies a dominant place among other topics represented in the exhibition. This stability of inherited values allows us to look to the future with hope.

An international jury of professionals has worked hard to select the works and rank them in terms of quality, which has given each of us the opportunity to form our own meaningful view of the performance of young authors.

“Value Brooch” was created as a joint venture with the participation of all Riga art schools, but the creation of the exhibition would not have been possible without the support of the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council.

“Value Brooch” project coordinator VILNIS HEINRIHSONS

Vilnis Heinrihsons

GRAND PRIX (PRIZE OF MARA MUIZNIECE) / Save me God from this virus

1st PLACE / Love, Peace and Poppies

1st PLACE / Untitled

2nd PLACE / Kindness of helping

2nd PLACE / My Morning Visitor

3rd PLACE / Virtual World

3nd PLACE / Family Totem

3nd PLACE / Choir

3nd PLACE / Me and Nature

Matauklas rota / Hair ribbon – Elīza Šrēdere

Spīdēj’ mana zelta sakta / My golden brooch – Viktorija Jurjāne

Spīdēj’ mana zelta sakta / My golden brooch – Adrija Ogriņa

Spīdēj’ mana zelta sakta / My golden brooch – Leila Dominika Upmale

Spīdēj’ mana zelta sakta / My golden brooch – Anna Zēģele

Spīdēj’ mana zelta sakta / My golden brooch – Kiāra Golvere

Spīdēj’ mana zelta sakta / My golden brooch – Adele Alksne

Gleznošanas nodarbība / Painting lesson

Ūdens / Water

Latvijas ainava / Latvian landscape

Es un mans ritenis / Me and my bicycle

Mana Latvija / My Latvia

Matauklas rota / Hair ribbon – Gabija Veinberga

Dabas vērtība / The value of Nature

Svētku rotas / Celebration adornment

Mūzikas sakta / Music brooch

Mana pasaule / My World

Piebalgas brunči / Piebalga skirts

Gadskārtu sakta / Brooch of the years

Latviešu mirdzošais skaistums / Latvian twinkling beauty

Jo vairāk zaļas dabas, jo labāk mums / The greener nature is, the better it is for us

Daba / Nature

Miega peļu sapnis / Sleep mouse dream

Latviešu tautas tērps / Latvian ethnographic costumes

Manas vērtības / My values

Sirsnība / Sincerity

Fantāzijas pasaule / Fantasy world

Matauklas rota / Hair ribbon – Ance Rūta Gaile

Ģimene / Family

Gleznošana / Painting

Dejas dvēsele / The Soul of Dance

Pašportrets / Self-portrait

Parasta diena / Normal day

Manas mājas – Cēsis / My Home – Cēsis

Mana sirds – Latvija / My Heart – Latvia

Māmiņas portrets. Zem zvaigžņotas debess. / A portrait of my mother. Under a starry sky.

Vērtības / Values

Mana dzimtene / My Homeland

Brīvdienas / Holiday

Mīlestība / Love

Divu krāsu ģimene / Two-Colour Family

Izpausme / Expression

Modernā ģimene / Modern Family

Krāsainā ģimene / Colourful family

Mežs / Forest

Pļava / Meadow

Mans suns Visumā / My dog in the universe

Daba / Nature

Trīs draudzenes / Three friends

Enerģija zīmēs / Energy in signs

Ūdens, zeme, uguns / Water, earth, fire

Lamatas / Trap

Pašreizējais scenārijs / Present scenario

Rīga / Riga

Ģimene / Family

Bērnības saulriets / Childhood sunset

Mēness gaismas ceļš / Moonlight road

Mana varavīksne / My rainbow

Krāsainā pilsēta / Colorful City

Zeme / Earth

Planēta / Planet

Mērķi / Objectives

Esmu laimīgs / I’m happy

Atklāt / Discover

Latvijas vērtības / Latvian Values

Laimes zeme Latvija / Country of happiness Latvia

Manas vērtības / My values

Stipram būt! / Be strong!

Saules sakta / Sun Brooch

Laika skaitītājs / Time counter

Saknes / Roots

Vecmāmiņas dūraiņi / Grandmother’s mittens

Visi / All

Latvijas kultūras vērtības / Cultural values of Latvia

Atgriešanās / Return

Nebaidies no grūtībām! / Don’t be afraid of hardship!

Manai Latvijai / For my Latvia

Ziedu sakta / Flower brooch

Mana vērtību sakta / My value brooch

Sapņu tauriņš / Dream Butterfly

Labākā dzīve / Best life

Modificēts piens / Modified milk

Mani mīluļi / My pets

Daba / Nature

Nākotnes izvēles / Future choices

Lietas par kurām rūpējos / Things I care about

Kartupeļu talka / Joint work picking potatoes

Māmiņa / Mother

Latvijas ūdeņi / Latvian waters

Ģimenes svētdiena laukos / Sunday with family in the countryside

Pavasaris / Spring

Imants Ziedonis

Tā ir tava vaina / It’s All Your Fault

Darbarīki / Tools

Laiks / Time

Diena Mākslas skolā / Day at the School of Arts

Vērtības dzīvei. Ģimene. Mežs. Mēness. / Values for life. Family. Forest. The moon.

Nekārtība / Mess

Nemainīgas vērtības / Constant values

Katram sunītim savas mājas / Home for every dog

Draudzība / Friendship

Kadiķis / Juniper

Nevis vienatnē, bet kopā / Not alone, but together

Gaidīšana / Waiting

Nedalāmas vērtības / Indivisible values

Latvijas meži / Latvian forests

Skats uz manām mīļākajām lietām / A view of my favourite things

Ģimene / Family

Dzīvnieki un daba / Animals and nature

Aka / Well

Sapnis / Dream

Latvijas lauki / Latvian Fields

Ģimene / Family

Pašportrets ar kaķi / Self-Portrait with a cat

Draudzība / Friendship

Ģimene un daba / Family and nature

Dzīvība / Life

Ziņkārība / Curiosity

Zilais cerību sivēns / Blue piglet of hope

Ceļojums / Journey

Sapņi / Dreams

Sapņot / Dreaming

Mana ģimene / My family

Vējā / In the wind

Mana māja / My Home

Aizmirstie lauki / Forgotten Countryside

Mana māja / My home

Spēks / Power

Laureate / Sun pendant

Laureate / Flowers

Laureate / Goodness

Laureate / Rainbow

Laureate / Me and my mum

Laureate / Science, inventions and space

Laureate / Me in nature

Laureate / Save Earth!

Laureate / Bird

Laureate / Energy source

Laureate / Dream

Laureate / Equality

Laureate / Amoung the Gumtrees

Laureate / Vision

Laureate / Miraculous sea

Laureate / Creativity

Laureate / Rila monastery

Laureate / My value – helping others

Laureate / Green Sheets of Thoughts

Laureate / Ocean

Laureate / Deep reflection

Laureate / The Earth is in our hands

Laureate / Landscape of Piebalga

Laureate / Wind

Laureate / Friendship

Laureate / Mother

Laureate / Place of birth II

Laureate / Oak of Force

Laureate / Future inevitable

Laureate / Portrait of the Artist

Laureate / Painter

Laureate / The path towards nature

Laureate / Peace & Sports

Laureate / To save a friend

Laureate / Family

Laureate / Local community

Laureate / The Barrier

Laureate / Me and Picasso

3nd PLACE / Memories

Photo: Didzis Grodžs

Baiba Šmite
exhibition organiser, Head of the Culture Board, Deputy Director, Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council;;;

Pēteris Zilbers
exhibition designer, founder and owner of design studio Zilbers Design Ltd.

What is “Vērtību sakta”?

The brooch is an ancient adornment that is also mentioned in folk songs. The Exhibition Value Brooch will adorn the city. Its jewels are values that enrich, bring joy and play an important role. We conducted a survey to find out the values important to children and youth. When asked to write down the values they found important, the students of our school (8-16 years old) gave various answers that show the broad view of children and the youth. This exhibition gives the new generation a chance to show how the world looks through their eyes: things, qualities, relationships, events that they care about and that make their life complete. In one circle, they will radiate colourful light that will bring joy, encourage and acknowledge. We urge you to look for (the valuable, the important), to adorn (make it beautiful, attractive), to share (to show it to others).

The Exhibition Value Brooch will display the best – roughly 200 large-scale prints selected by an international judging panel in the city centre, on Esplanade, by the Art Museum, and virtually – at Participants shall submit digitalised images (photos or scans). These images may be supplemented by text that complements the composition as a graphic element. Description of the value represented in the artwork may be submitted as well.

Due to the fact that the exhibition will be held in the city environment which is multi-coloured and dynamic it is advised to make artworks featuring larger coloured areas, and clear compositions that are easy to read. Please submit your works by 8 June 2020 at The Rules of Procedure of the exhibition are available on the website.

Technical conditions: horizontal format, upload image: (JPG file format with maximum compression (resolution 200 dpi, minimum image size 6622 px x 4677 px, file size max. 15,0 MB)

A maximum of 10 pieces will be accepted per educational institution.


Daniel Vandersmissen

Artist, art educator, OVSG (Association of Municipal Educational Establishments) Brussels (Belgium).

Alf Bugge Gjerstad


Artist, art educator, head of the departament at Bergen Culture School (Norway).

Sibylle Keupen

Artist, performance and visual arts teacher, project manager, “Bleiberger Fabrik”, Aachen (Germany).

Laima Puntule

Artist, painter, animation artist. Copenhagen (Denmark).

Jānis Ziņģītis

Artist, painter, head of the “National Art School”, Riga (Latvia). Chairman of the jury.


Latgales Priekšpilsētas Mūzikas un mākslas skola


Kas ir “Vērtību sakta”?

2020. gada jūlijā, Rīgā notiks XII Latvijas skolu jaunatnes dziesmu un deju svētki. Izstāde “Vērtību sakta” iekļauta Dziesmu svētku pasākumu programmā. Svētku koncepts šoreiz ir “ROTĀ”. Tā autore režisore, izglītības eksperte Inga Krišāne raksta: “Skolu jaunatnes dziesmu un deju svētki ir rotaļa Vispārējo latviešu dziesmu un deju svētku rituālam un rota piecu gadu gatavošanās ceļam uz šiem svētkiem… Vainags un sakta – apaļās rotas, tik apaļas kā saule, kā skaņa un burts “O”. Latvijas valsts ir sakta, kurā visu novadu zīles mirdz un kas satur pasaules sakšu, kurā plašumos izkaisītie latvieši ierakstīti.” Lasīt vairāk…


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