Exhibition theme

“Every antiquity combines two aspects: the visible and the invisible. The visible part is the functional meaning and decoration of the object, whereas the invisible aspect lies within the meaning of the shape and ornament rooted in mythological concepts and magic.” Jānis Apals, Historian and Archaeologist, Honorary Doctor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

The values of our students – family, friends, art, food, society, cat, health, health of family members, dog, music, pets, school, drawing, animals, fish, parents, mum, design, fashion, cinema, life, people who can help, love, mathematics, knowledge, education, chemistry, grades at school, studies, water, sleep, home, car, money, good relationship among people around the world, loneliness, personality, dreams, peace of mind, accurate work, books, water park, basketball, my life, tennis, social status, apples, ecology, animal rights, equal rights, comfort, future, my own feelings, critical thinking, opportunities, possessions, experience, international experience, experience exchange, free and independent country, beautiful nature, bands, patriotism, folk traditions, time spent with family, truth, faithfulness, hobbies, personal growth etc.